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Zeit mini machine room elevator with highly ergonomic, science and technology, designed as the pioneer in technology driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor and variable frequency (VVVF) and full computer control technology, data fusion network system and the modular structure, and use the most effective self-check program, exact control of elevator systems more flexible, efficient and reasonable.


Preventing passengers from being clamped or pushed acc. to European CE standards

  • Elevator door control system. High efficiency and performance with variable frequency door operation. The door can be remotely adjusted. Light curtain protection system intelligently recognizes passengers coming in and out to avoid passengers being clamped or pushed by the closing door.
  • Car door and landing door interlocking system sures doors are lacked before elevator starts running.

Preventing unintended movement

The system prevents unintended car movement to ensure worldwide highest elevator safety level, complying with the latest safety code ENN 81-20/50.

Preventing passengers from being trapped

Advanced encoder technology, redundant speed monitoring, over speed governor, safety gear and back up ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) system ensure multiple safety for all passengers.


Fully integrated CAN-BUS design saves 90% of copper wires compared with traditional design. LED lighting application saves 40% energy compared with traditional lighting.


Permanent magnetic motor and variable frequency driving mode saves 30% energy compared with traditional motor technology.
High efficient swithching power supply devices save 20% energy compared with traditional way.

CPU Group Control

The advanced ZEIT group control function increases the traffic increases the traffic efficiency of an elevator group.

Standby Sleep Mode

Energy-saving and extending life span of electric components reduces the carbon footprint significantly.

  • Control system attained the Safety Certificate from TUV.
  • Fully implemented CAN-BUS technology is a high sophisticated data transmission system, also used in the premium cars of the Korea leading car manfactures.
  • 32-bit micro CPU intelligent control is applied in both central controller and driving control, realizing accurate and completely digitalized system control, ensuring adequet accuracy of elevator running control.

    Direct approach in the landing and leveling accuracy of ±5mm ensure a comfortabal and safe elevator ride experience.

  • PM S motor technology is highly energy efficient, has low noise emission and ensures reliable performance during its extended lifetime.
  • Sealed bearing for maintenance free an oil pollution free operation.
  • The safe operation of the redundant and certified brake is always monitored brake sensors.

    Rope safety factor of minimum 12 times ensures highest safety standard.


  • Zeit Machine Room Elevator
  • Low Rise, Mid Rise, High Rise
  • 320 ~ 2500 kg
  • 1.0 ~ 7.0m/s
  • Zeit Machine Room Elevator
  • Low Rise, Mid Rise, High Rise
  • 320 ~ 2500 kg
  • 1.0 ~ 7.0m/s




ZePMS – Cloud based Predictive Maintenance System

ZePMS is the most intelligent technology of ZEIT elevator system. This system connects ZEIT elevators & escalators in the cloud. This robust connectivity predicts equipment failures, provides real-time information to customers, VGSI technicians and customer service centers, and a range of personalized solutions for customers.

The system processes the data in the cloud and compares parameters of over 100 elevator components with their design life span. The parameters include actual operation times, running distance and running time, etc. When it comes near the component’s designed life span, the system automatically generates a maintenance message to the smartphone of the service technicians.