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Real Time Remote Monitoring System

Elevator network monitoring system is the real-time monitoring/remote control services. It can be connected to the building management center, fire control center, and even smart phone for maintenance staff wherever internet is available.

  • Monitoring elevator’s operation and Status in real-time. Notification any error/alarm in real -time
  • Elevator is connected to Cloud server with high security protocol. This cloud platform analyze elevator performance and estimate component replacement in advance.
  • Any emergency can be detected by the remote monitoring system, our engineer/call center will contact the passenger for safe evacuation.


Multi-stage air cleaning filter system


Removes large dust and can be washed.

Functional filter

Employs antibacterial and antiviral technology to protect against sick house syndrome and remove pet odor.

Deodorant filter

Uses an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odor and harmful gas.

Hepa class filter

Blocks fine dust using a HEPA filter.

SysClein Mobile App

  1. Indicates connection status with the air purifier.
  2. Indicates the odor concentration in color level.
  3. Displays alarms for filter replacement, open cover and motor error.
  4. Displays and adjusts the air volume.
  5. Displays fine dust density in concentration numbers and color levels.
  6. Displays carbon dioxide concentration in concentration numbers and color level
  7. Displays and sets the operation mode of the air purifier.


UV-C Light

If the system detects no operation within a set time and no passengers in the car, UV-C lamps automatically turn on to sterilize viruses

During sterilization mode operation, if input a new service call, elevator movement, or a passenger is detected, the UV-C lamp will immediately turn-off.

Triple Controls:

by Control Panel

1 st Control

Check the car operation

by Control Panel

2 nd Control

Check the presence of passengers in the car.

by Control Panel

3 rd Control

Check movement of passengers