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Zeit Freight Elevator

The market trending now is increasing demand in industry field and urban public works. Based on our experiences, Zeit Elevator deeply understand customer’s requirement by giving the efficient solution of complex transportation then make your business easier than ever.

Convenient flat layer

Zeit Elevator’s optimized and proprietary graphic speed curve realizes more stable ducing acceleration and deceleration. Improved flat player to be enable getting in-out with convenience and smooth.

Micro computer control system

Microcomputer control system equipped provide high realiability and easy operation. Variable frequency control improve the operation performance effectively and reduces power consumption.

Multiple door opening

In order to meet the different needs of users, ZEIT freight elevator has many kinds of door opening ways, such as side door, middle door, single door, and double door, which can be flexibly matched with the structure of factories, warehouses, department stores, property centers and other buildings.

Freight Elevator Technical Parameters